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Do you need to be rescued from time?

Do you struggle with anxiety because you don't have enough time?

Does too much time on your hands leave you feeling depressed?

I Can Help You With That. 

Don't stay stuck in a life of misery because you haven't discovered your purpose. Whether you're currently struggling with anxiety and depression or have undergone it in the past,

it's time to turn your passion into income.

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  • Artist Kristi Floersch
    Hello! I'm Kristi

    I'm a Creative Entrepreneur. 

     For the past 30 years I've been consistently switching hats between, artist, author, entrepreneur and leader. I know exactly what it takes to start a business from scratch. Starting with an initial idea, to doing market research, pricing products and services, branding, developing a market plan, financial planning, writing policies, procedures and positions, inspiring employees to step into their full potential, growing, maintaining and planning exit strategies. I consider myself an expert in all these areas because I'm highly experienced. Now I want to help you discover your purpose and turn your passion into income.  


    Artists Reason For Being

    For Ambitious Female Artists & Entrepreneurs

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    Don't Stay Stuck In A Life Of Misery

    The Thrill Of Starting Your Own Business

    • You Love Being Your Own Boss

    • You love being your own boss and taking instruction from your higher power. You're confident in making the right decisions.

    • Starting A Business Is About Passion 

    • Starting a business captured something inside and you desire to serve others with a solution they need.

    • Starting A Business Is An Investment

    • Making an investment to start a business is one of life's greatest thrills because we value accomplishment. When we're successful, we feel good about life.

    • Starting A Business Is A Magic Not Seen In Jobs

    • The entrepreneur transformed a simple idea into a tangible process and called it a business. Now that's worth waking up for everyday. 

    • Starting A Business Leaves A Legacy

    • A cleverly crafted small business gives you a real and emotional legacy to hand down to your friends and family. 

    • Entrepreneurship Is Risky Business

    • Entrepreneurship is a risk worth taking. Sometimes the thrill of risking loss is the motivating factor that drives the entrepreneur forward to achieve the loftiest goals. 

    You're a creative.

    You have an idea.

    Your idea solves a problem.

    You're excited to help people.

    You have experience in this field.

    You desire a professional income.

    But something is missing.

    You don't know how to start and run an online business.


    I can help you with that.

    It's time to confidently and consistently sell your idea to your ideal client.

    You've created a product or service that practically sells itself.

    But, maybe you don't know where to start.

    I understand because I've been exactly where you're at.

    I'm here to teach you everything I know.

    I will help you discover your purpose and turn your passion into income.