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Art that enlivens you.



Art that relaxes you.



Art that inspires you.

The Thrill Of Collecting Original Paintings

  • You Love Owning Beautiful Things 

  • You love surrounding yourself with beautiful things and you smile every time you glance at your original artwork.

  • Art Collecting Is About Passion 

  • Buy art that captures something inside you and brings you back to gaze at the painting over and over again.

  • Art Collecting Is An Investment

  • Making an investment to bring a beautiful painting into the home or office is a good investment because we value beauty. When beauty surrounds us we feel good about life.

  • Original Art Holds A Magic Not Seen In Prints

  • The artist transformed a blank canvas with simple pigments and materials into a completely new one-of-a-kind creation.

  • Art Collection Becomes A Prized Heirloom

  • Loved and cherished art gives you a real and emotional legacy to hand down to your friends and family. 

  • Art Reminds Us Of Places We Grew Up 

  • Places we've lived awaken and evoke a powerful love and longing. Most can't live in places we grew up, but we can buy art that evoke the feel, moods, smells and glory of it.

Artist Kristi Floersch

Hi, I'm Kristi, and I've been an artist since I was just a little girl. I loved to escape by myself and create art that would excite people and bring a smile to their face. My drawings were noticed and I was encouraged to go to art school where I developed my talents into skills and learned all the materials and techniques that go into making a masterpiece. I started an art and sign business and now I get to share my passion for art and business with other emerging artists in my signature course


Artists Reason For Being

For Ambitious Female Artists & Entrepreneurs


You're an artist.

You're a self-taught painter.

You have no training.

You're an established artist.

You have professional training.

You desire a professional artist income.

But something is missing.

You don't know how to run an online business.

I can help you with that.

It's time to learn what it takes to confidently and consistently sell your art to your ideal client.

You want to create art that practically sells itself. But maybe you feel like an imposter and don't know where to start. I understand because I've been exactly where you're at.

I'm here to teach you everything I know and help you become a successful thriving artist.