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Flourish Now

Do you need to be rescued from time? Is time passing by so fast, you fear you're missing your calling or purpose? On the contrary, is time passing by so slow, you wish someone would rescue you from it?

Life is too short to be miserable.

Flourish Now

Discover A Life Of Meaning, Purpose & Fulfillment By Taking The Test Of Time

It's Time Flourish Now

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Most people either have anxiety from not having enough time or are depressed about having too much time your hands.

Don't stay stuck in a life of misery. Define the life you are intended to live. You are designed for more.

Discover true meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life.

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  • Be Intentional With Time     

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Anxiety and depresion

"It's Time Flourish Now will forever transform how you invest time in yourself so you can grow vigorously and thrive.

It is a tool that clarifies what to do with time to truly be fulfilled, content, peaceful, courageous, free, grateful, confident, accepted, delighted, joyful, hopeful, inspired, kind and calm."

-Kristi Floersch

 Author | Artist | Entrepreneur

What others say about this beautiful book.

It's Time Flourish Now

"I like this book. It has so much inspiration packed into a small package. The author does her homework. She has obviously been digging into scripture for many years and is willing to put it to work. She has useful, workable ways for the reader to use this book as a tool to figure out what God wants us to do with our time on earth. My favorite line from her book: "I'm responsible for making the right choice in what to do with the resource of time that God has so graciously granted me."

~Em Z.

It's Time Flourish Now

"Beautifully written. A great tool on how to use your gift of time and unique ways to take action that will result in an outcome of joy."

~Ronda E.

It's Time Flourish Now

"This book is Amazing! It is so well written and really connected to my soul. I read it in a couple of days but plan to turn around and read it again. Such insightful wisdom and spiritual connection!! I love how the author uses scripture to tie it together and how she also summarizes the message after each chapter."

~Karen B.

The Test Of Time 

This is a FREE GIFT that will clarify what to do with time, so that you can live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

It's Time Flourish Now

About the Author

Kristi Floersch has a heart of compassion for people who are overloaded, overwhelmed, disinterested, fatigued, unengaged and spiritless. She has struggled her entire life trying to figure out what God wants her to do with the time she has been given. Through careful consideration, prayer and reflection, God has unveiled some insight to her that has resulted in The Test of Time.

Her greatest desire and calling is to inspire and encourage people to enjoy the life God intends for them by learning how to spend time in a way that brings peace, and joy by simply answering 20 specific questions.