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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Artist, Author and Entrepreneur

Kristi Floersch

It took me a long time to say I am an artist. 

I'd been trained as a traditional artist but took my first job as a graphic artist. I kept longing to get back to painting, but time sped by. 

Then I decided to listen to the still small voice that kept calling me to paint...and so I did.

If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint,"

then by all means paint, and that voice will be silent.

-Vincent Van Gogh

Claim Your Artist Crown

As a full-time artist, I spend time everyday picking up paint brushes and seeing what I can create to bring joy into the world. It is apart of my calling. Is it apart of your calling too? All you do is claim your crown as an artist by just saying you are one. Sometimes mental clarity is the first step.

Teach What You Know

One of my deepest longings is to teach what I know to others. I'm so passionate about teaching art that it lights me up everyday to think I can have an impact and help artists to believe in themselves and encourage them to step into who they are created to be.

Coach Large Groups

I love to coach individuals and large groups alike. There is so much talent living inside each of us and all it takes to see talent come to fruition is a good coach to challenge you and coax all that goodness from the inside out. Learning with friends, family and artists is a great way to improve your skills.


Since I was a little girl, I've had a love and passion for life, color and art. It is part of who I am and why I was born... to create beautiful things for others to enjoy. 

I'm here to offer you encouragement, inspiration and motivation to follow your heart and learn what it takes to step into your full and God-given potential. 

I've taught hundreds of people how to paint in acrylics and love to watch their faces light up when they create something they didn't know they were capable of.

I get my inspiration from taking long walks outside, being in nature (especially the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota) and the sunshine. Bright pure, clear, clean, spring colors draw me in and give my heart energy. I hope these colors draw you in too and bring you joy.